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Schiedmayer Celesta GmbH

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About us

Manufacturing Keyboard instruments since 1735 and the Celesta since 1890

For nearly 300 years the Schiedmayer family has been involved in manufacturing keyboard instruments.

Already in 1735 Balthasar Schiedmayer built his first clavichord in Erlangen. In 1809, his grandson, Johann Lorenz Schiedmayer, together with Carl Dieudonné, founded the Schiedmayer company in Stuttgart.

The tradition of manufacturing musical instruments (pianos, harmoniums and celestas) has been passed down from generation to generation.

Schiedmayer started manufacturing the Celesta in 1890 shortly after this instrument has been invented by Victor Mustel in 1886.
The Mustel company discontinued manufacturing the Celesta in ca. 1975 and Schiedmayer remained the sole Celesta manufacturer worldwide. Since 1980 Schiedmayer is specialized in the production of the Celesta whose construction has been continually improved and further developed in the late 2 decades. All Schiedmayer instruments are 100% MADE IN GERMANY.

Products and services

Our services enclose sales of new and pre-owned/restored instruments as well as rentals and repairs.

We provide flight cases with built-in fold down ramp for transportation and storage. Covers and matching bench available.

Our products and Model Specifications:

  • Celestas
    3,5 Octave, f1-c5
    4.0 Octave, c1-c5
    5.0 Octave, c-c5
    5.5 Octave, c-f5 Compact
    5.5 Octave, c-f5 Studio

  • Keyboard Glockenspiel c2-g5
  • Concert Glockenspiel ´BELLESTA´ with wood resonators
  • Built-in Celesta-/Glockenspiel for Pipe Organs
Celesta 5.5 octave Model Studio

Celesta 5.5 octave Model Studio

Celesta 5.5 octave Model Studio
Due to big resonators, large sound bars and special designed felt hammers this model produces a particularly outstanding Celesta-Sound rich in overtones.
Like all Schiedmayer celestas this instrument offers a very light touch due to the specific length of the keys (grand piano key length).

available in black oak or natural oak (other colors on request)

Celesta 5.5 octave Model Compact

Celesta 5.5 octave Model Compact

Celesta 5.5 octave Model Compact
It is a space saving 5 ½ octave celesta, the extended construction of the Celesta 5 octave range.
Like the 5 ½ octave Model Studio it enables to play the entire spectrum of the celesta repertoire.
It offers as well a superb variable touch and a full sound rich in overtones.

available in black oak or natural oak. (other colors on request)

Concert Glockenspiel BELLESTA with wood resonators

Concert Glockenspiel BELLESTA with wood resonators

The Concert Glockenspiel BELLESTA fascinates with its elegant, clear and unmistakable tone.

Damper pedal
Resonators: Selected beech wood
Frame: Adjustable to 80 – 95 cm
Standard tuning: A = 442 Hz, other tunings by request
Range: 41 tones | c2-e5
Steel sound plates: High quality alloy 30 x 8 mm chrome plated and brushed
cabinet color: natural oak - other colors on request
Size: WxDxH 94x55x95cm
Weight: 44kg


Schiedmayer Celesta GmbH
Schaeferhauser Str. 10/2
73240 Wendlingen am Neckar

Phone: +49 7024 5019840

Knut Schiedmayer
Managing Director
Phone: +49 173 2906122

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