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Doerfler Rosin

Our rosin is hand-made in Germany and especially made to harmonize with our bows. It is dust-free and supports a great, full sound. Available for violin/viola and cello and bass. Depending on the instrument, requirement and taste we offer a wide range of rosin. Leather rosin is available in many...

Exhibitor: Doerfler Bows

Doerfler Cases

Top-quality protection for valuable bows: Cases Our cases provide solid safekeeping for our bows. From stage to stage your bow is securely protected for every transport. Our cases are exclusively made to suit the needs of our bows and produced in a high quality manner.

Exhibitor: Doerfler Bows

Music APPS for toddlers: HELLO MUSIC APP, making music has never been easier

Hello Music APP is perfectly suitable for nursery school, supplying teachers with a perfect tool to create entertaining and enjoyable lessons for the modern age. Features: • Intuitive interface and child-oriented gameplay, no reading required • Child-appropriate content, developed for and with...

Exhibitor: Voggenreiter Verlag GmbH

Cornelius Composer APP, the most amazing way to compose Music!

Composing music is child‘s play using Cornelius Composer’s intuitive functions ... without needing complex and difficult to use dedicated software. You can compose to your herat‘s content on your PC, Tablet or Handy. Cornelius Composer’s unique features allow pupils to freely develop their...

Exhibitor: Voggenreiter Verlag GmbH

Chin Rest, side, model Zuerich

Height and tilt are adjustable The chin rest is fully adjustable and can be fitted to the  player's ergonomic requirements The player can try different positions without having to buy various chin rests The height of the chin rest can "grow" along with the player (ideal for...

Exhibitor: WITTNER GmbH & Co. KG

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