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Cornelius Composer APP, the most amazing way to compose Music!

Composing music is child‘s play using Cornelius Composer’s intuitive functions ... without needing complex and difficult to use dedicated software. You can compose to your herat‘s content on your PC, Tablet or Handy.

Cornelius Composer’s unique features allow pupils to freely develop their musical creativity, learning to read music and compose their own songs along the way. Teachers and padagogues will love Cornelius Composer’s unique support for composing and playing music for classroom use fast and on the spot. Changing the color of notes is very straightforward, so adapting your score to the colors of different instruments is easy and intuitive.

Last not least you can export your compositions for further editing with professional music notation software.

• Intuitive user interface
• Suitable for students and elementary school teachers
• Save and export your own compositions
• Change note colors and animate notes
• Playback using Solfège-speak (do, re, mi) or instrument(s)
• Live editing during playback
• Loop function for practice and ear training

• Developed for touchscreen devices; mouse and (integrated) microphone required
• Language support: English, German, Portuguese
• Export formats: MusicXML, PDF
• Available for Windows 7/8/10, iOS (v.10+), Android (v.5.0+, suitable hardware required) and macOS (10.9+).

Exhibitor: Voggenreiter Verlag GmbH

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