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Schlagwerk - Premium Percussion made in Germany.
No instrument in the world is played more passionate than a percussion instrument.

We create cajons, cajintos, log drums and more to German craftsman tradition in Gingen in South Germany and drive innovations for additional sounds and applications since 1982.
Made for people with passion and rhythm in their blood, for beginners and professionals all over the world and to help making it a better place.

Schlagwerk instruments provide perfection, quality and excellent sound that lasts for years. This made us a leader in cajons for more than 30 years now.

Lean production and recycling efforts reduce waste to a minimum. Local sourcing of components cut out unnecessary transportation to support our efforts of eco-friendly production and products. We're also proud of our musicians and music therapists all over the world. Hand in hand with them, we created a range of instruments and accessories that is unique in the world of percussion.

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Cajons, Log Drums, Cajon Accessories, Cajon Add ons, Hand Percussion, Shakers, Frame Drums, Tuned Percussion, Chimes
La Ola Drum brown LO70BR

Put the wave on your lap and start to surf! La Ola drum is a new generation of a hybrid percussion instrument that produces many sounds of Latin music – from Samba to Salsa. With its compact dimensions, it delivers and combines the warmth of a conga, the flavor of a bongo and the wooden touch of a cajon to offer a unique tonal diversity.

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Cajon 2inOne

Cult Guarantee: This black beauty has it all – the lovely Macassar design surface produces a surprisingly strong bass, and its special resonance box made of SPL (= sonic projection ligneum) represents a new dimension in cajon construction. But that‘s not all: the extremely rich snare sound generated by the 84 strands definitively ensures its poleposition in the 2inOne-Series. “deluxe” – for eyes and ears!

Image additionally shows our AddOn´s BuzzBoard and BuzzBoard XL.

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Frame drum traditional RTS53

Schlagwerk Frame Drums stand for a completely pure, natural sound. They are available in different sizes with practical and useful features. Schlagwerk Frame Drums can be tuned using tuning screws flush mount in the frame, and allow the subtlest nuances of sound and tone volume.

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Schlagwerk GmbH
Brueckenstr. 10
73333 Gingen an der Fils

Phone: +49 7162 9489640
Internet: www.schlagwerk.com
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Contact person

Winfried Holl
International Sales
Phone: +49 7162 9489640
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News & Innovations

The guitar players´choice - SamJam, the guitar snare
Schlagwerk invented the first snare drum for your acoustic guitar!

Place the SamJam guitar snare under or above your soundhole and add the rhythm-section to your guitar.

We bring the SamJam to you in three different wood-styles: Hard-Coal Stripes, Zebrano and Makassar - choose your favorite!
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Schlagwerk Cajon Cymbals - perfect to play by hand!
Perfect for your cajon setup - cymbals that you can play by hand and still get a bright and wide sound!

Check out our cymbals to set up your perfect Schlagwerk percussion set!

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