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The Dörfler Master Bow is a hand-crafted top-quality product. Pernambuco wood is used predominantly. Producer of Violin-, Viola-, Cello- and Bassbows.

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The Dörfler Master Bow is a hand-crafted top-quality product. Only the finest and exquisite materials are used to guarantee a long life cycle. Pernambuco wood is used predominantly. It is the only wood which meets the high standards of flexibility and resilience required to manufacture a Dörfler Master Bow. And it is a prerequisite for the masterly art of giving the bow, through exact bending, the greatest possible tension and the ideal weight balance. The bow hair consists exclusively of natural white horse hair from selected steppe horses of Central Asia. Hair which neither waves nor becomes rotten. The elaborate mother-of-pearl and precious metal mountings on the non-porous ebony frog are valuable refinements which give the Dörfler Master Bow its typical appearance and a long life.

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Our New silver bows are uniquely made from selected pernambuco wood: Stored for about 30 years, it comes with outstanding flexible mechanical properties. Clearly the first choice for viola, violin, cello and bass bow making at the highest level! Perfectly suited for advanced players. This silver-mounted Dörfler Master Bow is very impressive with its beautiful engravings and unusual inlays. Our master builders hand-pick selected pernambuco wood sticks to manufacture perfect violin, viola, cello and bass bows for professional and advanced players. Masterly expertise, fine craftsmanship and creative talent: Professional and advanced players love the Dörfler gold bow with its excellent bow stick, valuable frog and 14-carat gold. A masterpiece for viola, violin, cello and double bass.
Violinbow #200

• first class pernambuco stick
• round or octagon
• best ebony frog
• single or Parisian eye
• three-part ebony button with eye
• gold wire winding
• Extra: gold bow tip, frog inlay
• Extra: gold bow tip, frog inlay

For experienced, demanding musicians playing at the highest level. Crafted with first-class pernambuco wood sticks. Valuable frogs and 14ct gold.

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Bassbow #21

• Ia pernambuco stick
• round (21a octagon)
• fine ebony frog
• Parisian eye
• three-part ebony button with eight inlaid eyes
• silver wire winding

For experienced, demanding musicians playing at a high level. Excellent grade A pernambuco stick, 30 years of impeccable storage and dried. Excellent elastomechanic qualities. Genuine silver-mounted.Only selected

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Doerfler Cases

Top-quality protection for valuable bows:


Our cases provide solid safekeeping for our bows. From stage to stage your bow is securely protected for every transport. Our cases are exclusively made to suit the needs of our bows and produced in a high quality manner.

Doerfler Rosin

Our rosin is hand-made in Germany and especially made to harmonize with our bows. It is dust-free and supports a great, full sound. Available for violin/viola and cello and bass. Depending on the instrument, requirement and taste we offer a wide range of rosin. Leather rosin is available in many attractive colors. Basic Rosin provides a solid basis for good bow care. Our Maestro Rosin offers first class care.

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