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Schlagwerk GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers of sustainable wooden percussion instruments.

About us

Schlagwerk GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers of sustainable wooden percussion instruments. Efficient series production and innovations have ensured our worldwide success for almost 40 years. We´ve been the first that developed and produced the Cajon in serial production with hightest quality and best sound. Our instruments, made in Germany, are the result of a radical evolution of sound: only what sounds best will live on. Through this intense development, our instruments have grown into unique, high-quality sound devices that are precise and unambiguous - just as their place in the Schlagwerk family tree demands.

Schlagwerk GmbH
Brueckenstr. 10
73333 Gingen an der Fils

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Kelley Distribution
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Products and Services

Our product range extends from Cajons and Cajon add-ons, ethno drums such as Frame Drums or Udu's, tuned percussions such as Log Drums, to small percussions such as various shakers, brushes and much more.
Cajon la Perù CP4007 BURL

Affectionately referred to as “el negro” in the Flamenco scene, the most successful Schlagwerk Cajon has not lost any of its aesthetics or its versatility within varying music styles. CP4007 – the classic Cajon!

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Schlagwerk Frame Drums natural stand for a completely pure, natural sound. They are available in different sizes with practical and useful features. The handselected goatskins can be tuned using tuning screws integrated within the frame, and allow the subtlest nuances of sound and tone volume. Models RTS 41/51/61 also come with a wooden cross.

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Log Drum 60P82 LOG DRUM

The most successful Schlagwerk Log Drum inspires us with its F-Pentatonic and encourages harmonising and relaxed improvisation. You will always be rewarded with a pleasant and melodious overall sound, regardless of the tone sequence.

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News & Innovations

SKR Rim Shaker & Havana Shaker
The Rim Shaker lives up to its name! On many instruments you can mount this 90° shaker and start shaking! Not only on Cajons this is the ultimate add-on, on almost any instrument that has an edge with a 90° angle between the playing surface and the resonance box, the Rim Shaker can be easily attached thanks to Velcro. The square shaker tube grows out of the base of the Rim Shaker and allows the attack to be adjusted when the shaker is struck thanks to the adjustable rubber ring. The fleece band at the end protects the striking surface. The Rim Shaker is a fantastic, flexible sound addition to any existing setup - also suitable for adventurous guitarists!

The Havana Shaker short (SK12) consists of two aluminum cigar tubes - original cigar tubes made in Germany which are otherwise shipped directly to Cuba. With a precisely defined shaker filling, the Havana Shaker short produces soft shaker sounds. The two tubes are connected with elastic bands. With additional separately available elastic bands (SKBand), several shakers can be strapped together to form larger shaker packs for further tonal gradations. Shake also the big brother of the Havana Shaker short - the Havana Shaker long (SK17). Further reading
DC280 & DC280M DynaCrasher
Our experience with the BuzzBoards now led to the approach to make this exact sound system playable via sticks with a wider dynamic range. Thus, the DynaCrasher was developed with wooden panels with a snare carpet on a solid wood carrier. This design allows for quiet hand playing that instantly produces snare or sizzle sounds at low volumes. Still, there's penetrating crasher sounds when playing with sticks at high volumes, such as drum set groove arrangements. So we offer two versions for different applications. DC280 is the percussion version, which is fixed on a surface by Velcro (the number stands for the length in mm) DC280m is mountable via our woodblock mount, suitable for any standard percussion rod with 9-10mm diameter. A great addition to any percussion or drum setup. Further reading
The CAP200 is not just an updated version of the well-known original design, but a completely new pedal. We stick to a remote cable design as we believe the setup flexibility is far superior to any other pedal design. However we've changed a few things that we've experienced over the past decade as pioneers of the Cajon Pedal. The CAP200 has been completely redeveloped from the ground up. This gave us the chance to avoid all of the problems that we have had over 10 years of experience with cable pedals. We did not rely on existing standard parts, but simply designed new ones. Full concentration on the music. We designed our pedal in such a way that a normal cajon strikes exactly at the sweet spot for the best sound. No matter which cajon. In addition, our new pedal will again be delivered with a bag and a custom inlay. Further reading

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